This is not JUST an online course, I am always here to help if you need reasurance or a nudge in the right direction.

"My art courses cover the core fundamental knowledge required to understand Sketch, Perspective and Paint and will only enhance any other art lessons you may have undertaken. I use a unique mixture of Psychology, Physiology and Physics to explain how our mindset, physical position and core fundamental knowledge affect our outcomes in art and so much more. " ​

Jeanni Grant-Nelson

Secrets of Art

The Ultimate Fundamentals of Art - Masterclass Suitable for all ages and abilities. Try one course or do them all... Do the courses over three days or spread them over a long time... It is up to you!

Using the Knowledge of the Old Masters to change your mind set, physical position and core fundamental knowledge to release your inner artist and transform your results within hours.

This knowledge can then be applied to a variety of mediums.

All you need to do is add your own personal magic.


Portraits, Seascapes, Landscapes, Still Life, Life Drawing, Figures in Action . . . 

all become possible!

Its more than just learning to copy

My courses work on giving you the skills to learn how and why we do something in art and not just copying another picture. These skills once learned can revolutionise your art and help in all areas from sketching, painting and perspective to give you the skills to develop your own style.
Online course - Learn the knowledge of art, not how to copy
  • Sketch

    A fun and informative experience which allows you to understand how we see and translate our environment though our eyes and emotions.

    ​ You will learn how to convert this knowledge into three- dimensional engaging images and understand how and why the viewer, of your art works, sees and translates them in their own unique way.

    ​ My lessons are all about knowledge not just copying. This means you will gain a skill set of knowledge and the confidence to enjoy creating your artworks whilst expressing yourself with your own unique artistic voice, as you can see above.

    ​ ​You will complete the course with the eyes of an artist, with the ability to both look and also to truely see!

  • Perspective

    An inspiring walk across a beautiful beach (or landscape) observing perspective in action. Experience as we all know is always the greatest teacher.

    ​ I shall point out and explain theories of eye level, vanishing points, focal points, atmosphere, refection, distance, shadows, ratios, ellipses and much more in a fun and engaging way, so you can see and experience perspective first hand.

    ​ I have worked with a wide variety of people and a number of architects. All have commented on my unique approach and how easy it is to understand the sometimes complex concepts of perspective.

    ​ As the course progresses I draw up the required information to remind you of all the concepts we cover.

  • Paint

    The paint course can stand alone but also consolidates the previous two courses.

    ​ The painting course adds colour and paint to your knowledge base.

    ​ You will learn about colour theory, atmospheric perspective, some of the history of specific colours and the different paint types available and what the benefits and characteristics of each are.

    ​ You will also experience different paint brushes and specific techniques and methods to enhance direction, shape, mood, depth of field, focal areas and emotional engagement.

    ​ ​The course closes with the completion of your own painting.

Bonus material

Purchase all 3 of my courses and I will include my Figure Drawing Class completely FREE!

  • Figure Drawing course

    £100 value

    My Figure Drawing Class covers the core fundamental knowledge required to draw static and moving figures including depth of field, foreshortening and emotional content.

    Fun, inspiring and easy to follow : Allowing you to extend your creative skills even further with confidence and knowledge.

The comment I hear most from my students is...
Everything you said is so obvious and yet I have never been taught it or noticed it before.

The images below show the progress of a 10-year-old girl in just 3 hours.

After this lesson she totally understood the concepts and tools required to draw anything to this standard.

A picture containing calendar

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Description automatically generated A picture containing person, people, different

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Remove the blinkers created by modern day living and discover new perspectives and perceptions.

Explore the endless possibilities of your mind and personal potential

Translate your newly acquired skills into beautiful and rewarding artworks.

Enjoy new-found confidence….Most importantly have FUN.

A gift for yourself or a loved one!
Remember, it doesn't have to be a birthday gift or Christmas treat as there is no time like the present to follow your dreams


Jeanni Grant-Nelson

Jeanni Grant-Nelson is based in Cornwall and is currently "artist in residence" at the prestigious Nare Hotel and owner of an art gallery. A graduate of Exeter University, she has worked as a freelance artist and art/drama teacher in the UK and Australia. Her seascapes, landscapes, portraits and animal commissions can be found in private collections across the world including Great Britain, Holland, Germany, France, USA, Australia and in UK galleries. Jeanni is creator and director of “Visual Awareness Ltd”, an art event company which runs various charity and team building days with groups of up to 150 students in locations such as the Emirates Stadium and for organisations such as UK Sport, British Basketball, the Olympic coaches, Oxford University Neuroscientists and charities.

Social proof: testimonials

“After multiple years of art lessons with Jeanni, I can say without a doubt that my abilities have reached a place I never thought possible. She continues to stun me through her ingenious method of teaching. I am so grateful to inherit her artistic knowledge. Best teacher I have ever known.”

Micheal R

“Give it a go! Jan 2023 I've wanted to try sketching for a long time but always felt that I wouldn't be good enough. I came across Jeanni's courses online and asked for more info. Jeannie responded almost immediately with a phone call and spent a long time going through everything. I liked her outlook on life and signed up for the online Draw out your Potential course. I was very soon drawing with charcoal and wow! surprised myself. Who knew I could draw like that! Jeanni has given me the confidence to carry on and has opened up a whole new world for me. She's always available for further critiques and doesn't just leave you to get on with it. If you're thinking of giving art a go, sign up, you won't regret it :-)”


“Jeanni challenges a very basic human function – the way we view the world around us, the way we look at things! She unpicks learned behaviour through art and demonstrates in a way I’ve never experienced before that we are all capable of so much more than we realise. This woman does what it says on the tin and more! ”

Martin Murphy
House of St Barnabas

“Today I had the first block of the 9 hour course with Jeanni from Art at the Beach. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Jeanni's knowledge and expertise are exceptional. She has a unique way of teaching which took me out of my comfort zone, making me see things in a completely different way. The hours flew by and my mind was fully engrossed in her teaching throughout. There was a lot of information to digest and I am still in disbelief at what I have drawn during the lesson and afterwards. It was a privilege to have met and been taught by Jeanni and I am excited for future lessons.”

Annette F

Optional Art Kit Available

Everything you need to complete your art course

Available as an additional discounted cost, if you purchase all 3 courses. Contains high-quality paints not available in high street shops. Exclusively put together to complement my entire course. As only available direct, please contact me separately to order your kit.
Art equiptment - everything you will need!

Course Supporting Books

If you would like the supporting information available in book form, these can be purchased separately after the associated course has been purchased.

Please these are not available as a stand-alone purchase.

Please contact me here to order your books.
Books of my course

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