It's all about knowledge not copying.

Using my unique methods of teaching art, my students are able to produce sketches as seen below during and after just one three-hour lesson. After your lesson, you are safe in the knowledge I am always here to help if you have an issue.

I encourage you to consider not only your pencil and charcoal skills but also the implications of your mindset, physical position and the core fundamental physics knowledge of the process.
In this way, you learn to produce a realistic and emotional sketch with both confidence and knowledge no matter what your age or previous ability.

I always begin with a face as it is most people's greatest fear.

Once you have completed a face sketch all other objects no longer hold any fear,  so you can use your new tool kit of knowledge with confidence.

Suitable for all ages and abilities! ​

These were all novice students.

Theses images show the progress of a 10 year old girl completing my drawing course

Theses images show the progress of another 10 year old girl ​after completing the course

She totally understood the concepts and tools required to draw anything to this standard.

The images below show the progress of a young mother of three children, ​ after just the three hour sketch lesson

Course curriculum

    1. 1. Intoduction

    1. 2. Etymology

    1. 3. Breaking Routine

    1. 4. Counting F's

    1. 5. Visual Pathways

    1. 6. Tricks and Illusions

About this course

  • 27 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • £200 ( Normally £240)

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